Overcoming Postpartum Depression & Living and Loving God's Blessings

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Healing & Happy

It is amazing how time can ease pain. People always say that when you are grieving, but you don't really believe it when you are in the worst of it. I have been working on dealing with my Postpartum depression now for 9 months. In the past few months I have been focusing on it less and less.

I was completely consumed by it in the beginning. I was so fragile. Every thought was around it and I felt like it was my new identity. Slowly through a lot of prayer, hard work, blogging, therapy, and keeping up with my medication, I feel like it no longer consumes me. I am no longer afraid of it "coming back to get me."

Today I wake up, take my medicine and move on with my day. I am so busy loving being a mom that there isn't much time to dwell on the past.  I am looking to the future and loving where I am heading.
I will always be a strong advocate for Postpartum depression. I will still do my part in bringing more awareness to others. I have to so others won't have to suffer in silence. As long as women have babies, there will be postpartum depression.

My kids bring me so much joy. You couldn't imagine loving someone so much, and then the next day you love them even more than the day before. How is this possible?

Phillip is taking his first steps and says" Mamma", "Na nights", and "Dad". He is such a goof ball that you can't help but laugh. He also gives you big open mouth kisses and loves to cuddle. He is definitely a ladies man!

My girls make me laugh constantly. Natalie is so honest and demanding at the same time that she just is a little grown up woman. She tells me what to do and what not to do. She is loving being a big sister. Phillip lets her pretty much do anything. She tries to carry him around and piles on top of him. He just laughs!
Marquite, our foster daughter, is so lovable and so fun to be around. She still thinks I am cool because she is only 12, so I am thrilled. In a few years she will think I am a complete dork, but she is probably right.

I want to thank all my readers and my dear friends in your help through this journey. I know I am still on it, but it feels like a mole hill now instead of a mountain. I am so grateful for all the prayers and encouragement.

I still plan to blog though, because motherhood is a journey worth blogging about!!

Lots of Love,