Overcoming Postpartum Depression & Living and Loving God's Blessings

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fun simple hairdo video.

We had fun making this video!  Enjoy this simple up do!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Material goods

What about all of our stuff?

It is overwhelming to look around and see all of the things we have accumulated in our house over the past five years.  We have boxes of keepsakes in our basement. Rummage sales put a dent in our stuff, but we have so much to get rid of.  Thanks to the internet, we have managed to sell a lot of stuff already but simply taking a picture of it and posting it on Edgerton Online Garage sale.  I am helping my in-laws sell a lot of stuff also. They have a lot of antiques and really cool things that they are parting with also.  My in-laws are so excited to live with a backpack on their backs!

Phill's cousin, Brooke, and her husband and two little boys are living in the Netherlands.  She described the experience of getting rid of material stuff as "very freeing and you won't miss it once it is gone."  I think it will be exactly that.

I attempted to clean my basement yesterday and it was a horrifying experience!   Most of it is Phill's childhood in a box.  Baseball cards, letter jacket, wrestling stuff galore, and lots of pictures. We also kept tons of books and information on foster care. I found my "craft" box which I was looking for. I try to be "crafty" but I am not. (I can't bake, cook, or craft, but I can rip carpet out of my house like a beast!)

Anyway- I am excited to come back to a house-any house will do.  As long as it has a garage and central air. I am spoiled that way I guess!  One day my dream of living by the lake will come true. I would love to live in a log cabin overlooking the lake. I will wake up to a cup of coffee and watch the snow fall over the lake while I work on writing a book, blog, or whatever they have in the future.  I will  have my big St. Bernard dog next to me and I will smile and look back on the life I lived.  One day I would also love to buy a new car. I think that would be awesome!  I picture myself 85 years old though.  I don't need a new car or a log cabin by the lake yet.