Overcoming Postpartum Depression & Living and Loving God's Blessings

Friday, January 8, 2016

A Mother's Love.

When I first discovered a new life would be joining our family I was in shock. Immediately I went into fix it mode. How do we fix things?  How do we go from here?  The answers came on their own in their own time. Immediately you went from a young woman to a mom. You started taking vitamins, eating better, reading about baby, working on getting your GED. We went to counseling, doctors appointments, had a great support system put in place, and coped together. We prepared and planned the best we could. We had a great big baby shower.   Friends and family surrounded you and brought loads of baby items. 

I tried to cope with being a 34 year old grandma just like you tried to cope with being a young mom.  Natalie and Phillip were excited for sure. Phill was excited too. 

I prayed for you and baby every day. I prayed so hard on the day you started having contractions. You didn't even wake me up at 1:00 a.m.  You just stayed calm. I did the best I could but by then I was anything but calm. At the doctors appointment the doctor said you were 4cm. I flew out of my seat and practically ran us to the hospital. The doctor may have told me to hit the brakes. Man I wish I could keep it together better like you do. I just get so excited!!  

It was a long day for you. Being monitored while I sat on edge praying we wouldn't be sent home. I was preparing a speech on why we couldn't be sent home. We all knew baby would be little. She was early. I just kept praying for you and baby. The doctor broke your water and contractions started getting harder. I saw the agony in your face but you didn't even groan. I told you it was ok to scream and yell. You just kept so calm. Eventually it was time for the epidural and we both were growing impatient. I was about ready to do it myself. Finally relief. Thank God. I saw you smile at me. Thank God. Finally it was time to push. Baby's heart rate was dropping. I knew what the doctors were concerned about so I knew to keep my mouth shut. I held your leg and you pushed for 15 minutes. I saw baby's head and then a second later she was out. She was rushed off to be checked. She was o.k.  You were ok. We were going to be o.k.  I can't explain the emotion that comes with that amazing moment. She is beautiful like you. Naveah Mae beautiful sweet perfect. Watching you sleep deprived, in pain, and being a new mom is astounding. I knew you would be great. Patient and loving. Baby is breastfeeding and you two look like it was so easy and so natural.   

I know I keep telling you I am so proud of you, but I always have been. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.