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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time is the new money

There is a saying that you can't have both time and money. I know there are exceptions to this but most people can't have both unless they work very hard to get to there. 

At home I was a stay at home mom. I have been off and on for a long time. I have had many foster children and raised my own children. 

I wouldn't trade these stay at home years for anything. I was made to be a mom.

I love the time I have here with my family. It is way more quality time than I could ever have at home. My love language is quality time so I am overflowing with my love language. Not sure there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. 

My time is filled with reading lots of books, homeschool with the kids, card games, walks with Phill, running, Zumba with Mary Jo and my two girls, Legos, playing with the dogs, and volunteering. We cook together, watch movies, and have friends over for parties. We also have volleyball tournaments. The Americans are undefeated but I think it is because we have all played before and the Kenyans haven't. It surely isn't because I am on the team!  

I just am enjoying the slow pace. Back home I was constantly rushing the kids to hurry up! We were constantly running late. My kids almost never had their shoes on as we ran to the van to get somewhere on time. 

Here I don't care if the kids crack the eggs all over the place and miss the pan. They are learning. I can sit down and play Legos with my son because I don't have a million household things to do. I am enjoying reading my books. I am reading my sixth book now. 
The trade off is not much money. I am not worried. There will be time to earn money. This trip has been so priceless. 

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